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Indian Restaurant's
Around The World

A social app to discover, save for later, share with friends and put your own notes for the best Indian places to eat in the world

Eat Play Stay Drink
Eat Play Stay Drink

Why use the Desy App

Find unique Indian Restaurants

No more wanting to know where to eat in your travels around the world. Research and discover not only the restaurant but also what dish to eat where.

Always remember where you have been.

Write notes, provide personal ratings and always remember what you liked where so you can remember and also share with friends and family.

No more relying on padded reviews

Instead of relying on reviews of strangers get reviews from friends and family or people in your extended network or within the DesyApp

Support the best Indian food worldwide

In a place where you live or travel discover and socialize what you like and what you like and support the business owners in getting the true gems shine

6K Indian Restaurants

23 Cities

10K Social Shares

260 Restaurant Partners

We bring out the hidden gems of Indian Restaurants across the globe

The DesyApp and social accounts is uniquely focused on finding the hidden gems
as well as delving deeper into the most famous Indian restaurants across the globe
and making it visually appealing and socially sharable

Yet to launch but hoping
for a 5 Star Rating

What people shared during our customer discovery phase

Indian travelers are travelling wider and farther and its high time we have a way to find authentic and real Indian restaurants in a easier manner than depend on google review or yelp reviews

The Indian restaurants I discover I would love to share it with friends when they travel to the same destination but there is no easy way to do that

I am a digital nomad and I crave for vegetarian food every place I visit, it would be good to mark Indian restaurants as Veg, Non-Veg, Jain, Vegan food etc

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